Campus Life : Sports Activity

The Sports arena offers a platform to the students, not only to create history but to inculcate values of fair play and healthy competition by treating each completion as a challenge of their own potential.

Amalgamating the spheres of Academics with Sports KDCRC teaches every student to work with ethics, acclimatize to changes, reach beyond the known, believe in oneself, and most importantly, follow one’s heart.

Alongside with the annual sports meet, which is conducted in a very grandeur way every year during October-November, various other sports activities are going on throughout the year to distress the students. This also acts as a very good platform which brings the faculties close to the budding dentists of future, as they also play very enthusiastic role in conducting such events.

Itinerary of various sports events of last year:

Tournaments For Boys

  • Kothiwal Premier League (12 March to 27 March 2012)
  • Kothiwal Cricket Hungama (19 May 2012 to 11 June 2012)
  • Kothiwal Basketball Championship (30 Oct to 3 Nov 2012)
  • Kothiwal Volleyball Championship (5 Nov 2012 TO 9 Nov 2012)
  • Kothiwal Cricket Championship (19 Nov 2012 to 26 Nov 2012)
  • Kothiwal Premier League ( 3 January 2013 to 8 February 2013)

Tournaments For Girls

  • Kothiwal Cricket Championship (30 Nov 2012 to 6 Nov 2012)
  • Kothiwal Basketball Championship (7 Nov to 9 Nov 2012)
  • Kothiwal Premier League (18 Feb 2013 to 28 Feb 2013)

Re-Union Cup

  • A Cricket Match Between Kothiwal Ex- Players VS Kothiwal Recent Players ( 3rd March 2013 ) AT Sonakpur Stadium (Winner- Kothiwal Recent Player)


  • Tournaments For Boys
    Cricket, Basketball
  • Tournaments For Girls
    Cricket, Basketball

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