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Institutional Ethics and Review Board

The Committee has been established under the authority pursuant to the directives issued by the Chairman, Head of the Institute, Dr. SwatantraAgarwal. 2006, Formerly known as Ethical Committee on Human/Animal Subjects Research, the committee was re-constituted on 20-06-2014 as Institutional Ethics and Review Board (IERB)with additional responsibility of Research, Development and Review of research work. The committee shall ensure that no one shall be subjected without its free consent to medical or scientific experimentation”.

The multiple functions of this committee include:

  • To supervise the safety, rights and welfare of human participants in research.
  • To solve actual or anticipated ethical dilemmas in the conduct of human research.
  • Conduct its ethical review and give approval of the research work involving human participants work in accordance with the provisions of Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and WMA declaration.
  • Consider the ethical implications of all the research proposals to determine its ethical applicability.
  • To work on the principle that it is unethical to involve humans in research protocols that do not meet accepted scientific standards, based on Handbook for Good Clinical Research Practice (GCP) by WHO in 2002 and guidelines promulgated in May 2011 for good clinical laboratory practices (GCLP) by ICMR in 2008.
  • Consider that whether projects require any approval or registration from the external governing agency to carry out the research work for e.g., from Clinical Trial Regulations in India (CTRI) etc.
  • To review and seek the report on the progress of the research work for supervising the maintenance of ethical protocol e.g., patient case sheet, written inform consent etc.
  • To review the quality of the research work.
  • To address the conflict of interest.
  • To promote the quality publication in reputed journals.
  • Approve the communication and publication of research articles in national and international journals.
  • Take up cases /disputes (of legal implications) relating to research and publication in tandem with disciplinary rules and regulations of the institute.
  • Review and approve synopsis for registration for award of MDS.