Kothiwal Dental College


Our Mission

  • To cater to the needs of the students by rendering high quality education.
  • To develop a good and ethical professional character in the students.
  • To impart dental health awareness among the public and provide quality affordable services to different strata of the society.
  • To activate learning , teaching and assessment system which consents students to gain and develop the knowledge and skills appropriate to their chosen educational and career pathway.

Our Vision

  • Commitment of nurture trend professional man power, make them proficient and receptive to the challenges of a dynamic and vibrant society.
  • Looking forward at conquering the highest standard of patient care , meeting the dental needs of local community.
  • Model and generate a mature good will, co-operation and friendship , to secure piece , cohesion and work mindedness and to achieve social and educational objective.

Aims and Objectives

  1. AIMS!

    To produce a graduate who is competent in performing a extraction of teeth under both local, prevent and manage related complications , acquire a reasonable knowledge and understanding of the various diseases, injuries , infections occurring in the oral & maxillofacial regions and offer solutions to such of those common conditions andhas an exposure into the in patients management of maxillofacial problems.

  2. Knowledge and understanding

    • Apply the knowledge gained on the related medical subjects like pathology, microbiology and general medicine in the management of patients with oral surgical problems.
    • Diagnose , manage and treat ( understand the principles of treatment of ) Patients with oral surgical problems.
    • To impart dental health awareness among the public and provide quality affordable services to different strata of the society.
    • Gain knowledge of range of surgicaltreatments.
    • Be able to decide the requirement of a patient to have oral surgical specialist opinion or treatment.
    • Understands the principles of inpatients management.
    • Understand the management of major oral surgical procedures and principles involved inpatient management.
    • Know the ethical issues and communication abiity..
  3. Skills

    • A graduate should have acquired the skill to examine any patient with an oral surgical problem in an oderlymanner , be able to understand requisition of various clinical laboratory investigations and is capable of formulating differential diagnosis.
    • Should be competent in the extraction of teeth under both local and genralanesthesia.
    • Ability to acess , prevent and manage various complications during and after surgery.
    • Able to provide primary care and manage medical emenrgeny in dental office.
    • Understand the management of major oral surgical problems and principles involed in patient management.