Kothiwal Dental College

Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge


Training programme in prosthetic dentistry including Crown & Bridge & Implantology is structured to achieve knowledge and skill in theoretical and clinical laboratory, attitude, communicative skills and ability to research with understanding of social, cultural, educational and environmental background of the society.

Periodically the department is organizing continuing dental education programme for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The program out line addresses the knowledge, procedural and operative skills needed in MastersDegree in Prosthodontics. A minimum of 3 years of formal training through a graded system of education as specified willenable the trainee to achieve masters Degree in Prosthodontics including Crown & Bridge and Implantology, competently and have the necessary skills/ knowledge to update themselves with advancements in the field. The course content has been identified and categorized as Essential knowledge.

Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge

MDS IN Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge The following objectives are laid out to achieve the goals of the course. These are to be achieved by the time the candidate completes the course. These objectives may be considered under the following subtitles

Dr. Swatantra Kumar Agarwal MDS


# Name Designation
1 Dr. Swatantra Kumar Agarwal MDS Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Samarth Kumar Agarwal Professor
3 Dr. Ravi Madan Professor
4 Dr. Romil Singhal Professor
5. Dr. Dr. Reena Mittal Professor
6. Dr. Rachna Maheshwari Professor
7 Dr. Arka Swarnakar Reader
8 Dr. Sujata Pandey S. Lecturer
9 Dr. Kanchan Chaukhiyal S. Lecturer
10 Dr. Prachi Rohilla S. Lecturer
11 Dr. Pulikt Rohilla S. Lecturer
12 Dr. Prateek Bhatia S. Lecturer
13 Dr. Ragheeba Gulraiz S. Lecturer
14 Dr. Vyom Ragini Dubey S. Lecturer
15 Dr. Poonam Lecturer
16. Dr. Sonal Rastogi Lecturer