Kothiwal Dental College

Infrastructure : Facility : Mobile Dental Unit

The lack of basic knowledge of simple oral hygiene has increased the risk of dental diseases by many folds. Therefore, the first priority of the concerned authority is to make a unit, a unit of skilled dental professionals who can outreach the people, provide them with preventive and curative services and enlighten them with the fact that "oral hygiene and regular brushing are the keys to good health". In order to achieve this goal, a state of the art Mobile Dental Unit equipped with two dental chairs with an airotor and scalerseach along with a light cure unit as accessories was commissioned to the Dept. of Public Health Dentistry in order to take dentistry to the doorsteps of the community.The dental chairs have a power generator and an air compressor each. Facilities for health education through audio-visual aids are integrated in the unit. Since its inception, the MDU has conducted innumerous outreached programs and has travelled thousands of miles acrosswith one motive and with only one goal- "to outreach the common people and to provide them with the necessary treatment”.

CAll the treatments done in these outreached programs are free of cost and the patients who are referred to the department of Public Health Dentistry from these programs are treated free of chargefor majority of their dental problems.

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